Caesarean section on maternal request – from different perspectives

The project investigates caesarean section on maternal request through document analysis, questionnaires to women, interviews with professionals and other stakeholders and observations of rounds were decisions about caesarean section are taken.

  • Period: 2021-01-01 – 2028-12-31
  • Funder: Internal funding


More and more women in Sweden want to give birth by caesarean section, even if there are no medical reasons. So-called caesarean sections at maternal request are discussed from many perspectives as they require extra resources from the healthcare system and can involve short- and long-term risks for mother and child in comparison to vaginal births. At the same time, the risk of pelvic floor injuries is reduced and women's right to self-determination over their bodies is strengthened, making this a complex ethical issue.

The overall aim of the project is to investigate caesarean sections on the mother's wishes from different perspectives. A study of guidelines for caesarean sections based on the mother's wishes at all Swedish maternity wards has been carried out. The project includes five further sub-studies with questionnaires to women, interviews with stakeholders and observations of clinical rounds.

Portrait of project leader Inger Holmström against a light background.

Inger Holmström

Mälardalens university

Project leader: Magdalena Mattebo
Co-investigators: Mio Fredriksson, Inger Knutsson Holmström, Anna T Höglund, Maria Offerman Johansson