Standardized course evaluation questions for faculty-common courses at doctoral education level

Granted funds are paid after reporting on the completed course. The report must be accompanied by a list of participants and a summary of the course evaluation. The course evaluation shall, in addition to course-specific questions, contain some standardised evaluation questions that will be provided." [TEKNAT 2020/135.] The Research Education Board decided on 11 November 2020 that the following questions should be used:

1. Overall, I am satisfied with this course.

Description: Here you are asked how well you think the course worked in relation to everything from teacher, content, forms of instruction, and examination to scheduling.

Response alternatives: Scale of one to five, where “1 = Disagree completely” and “5 = Agree completely”.

Analysis: The responses indicate how well the course worked from the student's perspective. In some cases, a low score can be expected. In others, it is unexpected. If the score is low, comments and an explanation should be provided in the course report.

2. What do you think was the best thing about this course?

Description: Here, you can highlight efforts, characteristics or parts of the course you thought were good.

Response alternatives: Open-ended response.

Analysis: The responses provide an opportunity to highlight appreciated characteristics or parts of the course. Teachers can get positive feedback, which is often much needed and can provide insights on strengths to focus and build on as well as ideas for what can be spread to other

3. Please provide constructive suggestions for course development

Description: With your help, the course can be made better, and something that is already good can be made even more prominent/effective.

Response alternatives: Open-ended response.

Analysis: The students are given an opportunity to contribute to course development, e.g. how something should be changed for the better, or how something already good could be made
more prominent/effective.

4. How did you perceive the course's workload in relation to its size (number of credits)?

Description: Here, you are asked how you perceived the workload, i.e. how much total time you invested in relation to full-time. Example: a course worth 5 credits during a period corresponds to 1/3 of full-time.

Response alternatives: Scale of one to five, where “1 = Far too little” and “5 = Far too large”.

Analysis: Like the last question, but focusing specifically on workload. Note that the responses do not give absolute measures, but instead show the student’s subjective opinion. Open-ended responses can add an extra dimension to the response score