Support for educational development (TUR)

TUR, the Council for Educational Development at the Faculty of Science and Technology, provides support and guidance for the faculty's pedagogical development. TUR acts to ensure that students, teachers and educational leaders at all levels work together based on reflection and scientifically based practice. An increased knowledge of university pedagogy and subject didactics guarantees well-founded decisions and leads to thoughtful renewal of teaching and examination, courses and programs.

TUR is responsible for the faculty's continuing education of university teachers through courses as well as seminars, workshops and conferences (TUK). TUR provides support in the form of different networks and offers adapted support to educational leaders and teachers, educational programs and departments. TUR conducts studies among students and teachers, which is the basis for further pedagogical development.

TUR' mission is also to provide support in developing prioritized areas in relation to Uppsala university's pedagogical program, and development focus for educational evaluations. Furthermore, TUR is working strategically to promote dialogue on education and training at local, national and international level.

The council consists of teacher representatives appointed by the faculty board and student representatives appointed by the student unions. The council has one representative in the Technical Education Board, one in the Natural Sciences Education Board and one in the University Educational Board.

(Teacher representatives appointed for 2021-01-01—2023-12-31, student representatives appointed for 2022)