Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist

Teaches ethics at the molecular biology and medical doctors programmes. Senior lecturer in biomedical ethics and Associate Professor in practical philosophy, with a research focus on moral responsibility in various fields.

Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist is associate professor of practical philosophy and a senior lecturer in biomedical ethics at the Centre for Research Ethics and Bioethics. She received her PhD in Philosophy at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2008 and has conducted two postdoctoral projects at Delft University of Technology. She has been a visiting scholar at Yale Law School and a visiting professor at the Department of Philosophy at Queen’s University, Canada. Her research focuses on moral responsibility, public health and technology.

Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist teaches ethics at the MD program and the molecular biotechnology program at Uppsala University. She also teaches two advanced level independent courses on Public Health Ethics.


Medical Ethics/Bioethics

Public Health Ethics

Ethics of infectious diseases

Ethics of Gynaecology/obstetrics

Ethics of pediatrics and child psychiatry

Professional and Ethical Responsibility

Ethical Theory

Vaccination Ethics

Environmental Ethics

Risk Ethics

Ethics of Molecular Biotechnology

Ethics for Teachers

Ethics of Technology and Engineering

  • Emelie Gustafsson (main supervisor)
  • Elina Löfström (co-supervisor)