Susanna Pohjola

Doctoral student with a focus on ethical dilemmas and ethical competence when providing dietary advice. Evaluates an educational intervention with a focus on its feasibility.

Susanna Pohjola joined CRB in February 2023. Her PhD project explores ethical dilemmas and ethical competence when providing dietary advice. The project includes an educational intervention on ethics and ethical competence that will be developed and its feasibility will be evaluated. Susanna Pohjola is also part of Uppsala University's graduate school in medical humanities.

Susanna Pohjola holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mälardalen University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Nursing in Primary Health Care from Umeå University. As a RN she has lived experiences of the ethical difficulties that arise when providing care. The experience of working as a lecturer in higher education has given her an increased pedagogical interest. Together with a pedagogical interest and sympathies for ethical issues, she hopes to make a difference for health care professionals who face this in their everyday work.

  • Supervision of Bachelor's thesis
  • Teaching and supervising students in clinical practice
  • Teaching in caring process and nursing documentation