Sociology of Education

Photo: Mikael Börjesson

Sociology of Education examines the relationship between education, economy and politics as well as social classes and mobility. Sociology of Education also analyses the relationship between education and culture and its role to both preserve and change the existing society.

Sociology of Education broadly explores education, training, learning and upbringing in relation to other parts of society and pervasive societal processes, such as globalisation and changes in work life. A central focus within Sociology of Education research at the Department of Education is the intersection between students’ and teachers’ various assets and the prevailing order that governs the education system. Another central focus is the development and growth of educational institutions and the relationship between education and other parts of society, such as the worlds of politics, economics and culture. The foundation of Sociology of Education follow more general sociological and historical research traditions.


Mikael Börjesson or Ida Lidegran

The Swedish Centre for Studies of the Internationalisation of Higher Education (SIHE)

SIHE was established in the autumn of 2017 in order to coordinate, carry out and disseminate research and knowledge.

About SIHE

The majority of studies in Sociology of Education are based on two perspectives. Firstly, we explore educational strategies, i.e. how individuals and groups with different kinds of assets use the educational system. Secondly, we seek to understand the social world within which these strategies develop, i.e. the field of educational institutions. This field does not comprise academic institutions, schools and educational directions per se, but the system of relationships between and among them, the positions they adopt in relation to one another, and the historical development of those positions. A particular area of interest is the relationship between the "baggage" of pupils, students, and teachers (i.e. cultural capital and other assets) and the prevailing social and cultural order of the educational system. Another significant area of interest is the relationship between education and professional careers within distinct social fields, for example economic, political or cultural fields.

Networks and collaborations

Seminars and other events

The Higher Seminar in Sociology of Education

The Higher Seminar in Sociology of Education series is a place for PhD students to present dissertation drafts as well as for master's students in the Master's Programme in Sociology of Education to defend their theses.

Selected Wednesdays, generally scheduled at 13:15-15:00 in Tupprummet (14:340).
The seminar is coordinated by Håkan Forsberg.

The Sociology of Education Seminar

The Sociology of Education Seminar series is a place to present current research in Sociology of Education and research relevant to the this discipline. This seminar is open to researchers working in Sociology of Education at Uppsala University as well as to national and international guests.

Selected Wednesdays, generally scheduled at 13:15-15:00 in Tupprummet (14:340).
The seminar is coordinated by Håkan Forsberg.

Seminars and other events organised by the Sociology of Education and Culture (SEC) research group can be found here.

The Comenius Seminar

The Comenius Seminar series presents history of education research on different themes and eras by researchers from various institutions and academic disciplines.

Selected Tuesdays, generally scheduled at 15:15 - 17:00 in Tupprummet (14:340).
The seminar is coordinated by: Henrik Pålsson-Edgren

Spring 2024

Comenius Seminar with Jörgen Mattlar

Från 'anti textbook ethos' till läroboksrenässans
Language: Swedish
Alternate venue - 12:128

90% seminar - Nubin Ciziri

(Dis)integrating Families: Refugees' historical inheritance and their encounter with education in Sweden
Commentator: Bolette Moldenhawer, Docent Emeritus, University of Copenhagen
Language: English

PhD defense - Pablo Lillo Cea

The World-Class Ordination: A field theory approach to the study of global university rankings
Opponent: Yves Gingras, Professor at the Department of History, Université du Québec à Montréal; and Scientific Leater at the Observatoire des sciences et des technologies
Language: English
Alternate venue and time - University Main Building, Sal IX, 13:15

Sociology of Education Seminar with Caroline Bertron

Studying Global Elites at Swiss Boarding Schools
Language: English
Alternate venue and time - Room 21:136, Blåsenhus, kl. 15:15-17:00.

50% seminar - Corinne Platten
National needs, global goals. Internationalization and the Case of Teacher Education in Sweden and France
Commentator: Caroline Bertron, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, L'Université Paris 8
Language: English

50% seminar - Anna Soloveva
Applying a quantitative intersectional approach to studying social inequalities in education
Language: English

PhD defense - Jenny Waddling

Comenius Seminar with Synne Myrebøe

Disciplin, disciplinering och discipler. Idéhistoria och dess begärspraktiker sedan 1989
Language: Swedish
Alternate venue - 12:128

50% seminar - Caitlin McEvoy

90% seminar - Emma Hellström

Religionens roll i den demokratiska skolans framväxt: förhandlingen om folkskolans och grundskolans kristendomsundervisning, 1920–1969
Commentator: Urban Claesson, Professor in Church History at the Department of Theology, Uppsala University
Language: Swedish

10% seminar - Aifric Doherty

Meritocracy in Higher Education: Ideal, Myth or Tyranny?
Language: English

50% seminar - Lisa Högkil

Autumn 2024

Joint seminar with HERO - Andreas Melldahl and Martin Gustavsson

Organisering och finansiering av högre utbildning 1958–2020
Language: Swedish

Huvudansvarig: Mikael Börjesson, Ida Lidegran
Medlemmar: Mikael Börjesson, Ida Lidegran, Lisa Backman, Felix Bengtsson, Anna Bennich-Björkman, Ylva Bergström, Emil Bertilsson, Johan Boberg, Daniel Bolander Blomberg, Donald Broady, Anna Brunner Cederlund, André Bryntesson, Nubin Ciziri, Astrid Collsiöö, Tobias Dalberg, Aifric Doherty, Henrik Pålsson-Edgren, Håkan Forsberg, Mette Ginnerskov-Dahlberg, Rebecka Göransdotter, Agnes Hamberger, Ashley Haru, Emma Hellström, Lisa Högkil, Helena Braga Kestener, Emma Laurin, Pablo Lillo Cea, Moa Lindqvist, Caitlin Mc Evoy, Joakim Olsson, Mikael Palme, Tommie Petersson, Corinne Platten, Sharon Rider, Ricardo Xavier Cevallos Salgado, Anna Soloveva, Jennifer Waddling, Ola Winberg, Dag Blanck, Martin Gustavsson, Andreas Melldahl, Maria Törnqvist, Andreas Åkerlund