Freestanding courses

Most of our courses taught in English are only available for Master’s students or formal exchange students. We do have a limited number of courses taught in English that are open to all students. Most of them are distance education courses.

The same application procedures apply to both programmes and courses at Uppsala University. Students apply online through the national central application system,, where you will find information about how and when to apply.

All freestanding courses

In addition to the courses listed above, there are a great number of other freestanding courses at Uppsala University. See all freestanding courses and programmes at Uppsala University and use the search engine filters to find additional courses taught in English. However, students must apply to these courses through the Swedish online application website

Late application

After the application deadlines, applications to Uppsala University’s courses close. If there are spaces left on the courses and programmes, they will open for late applications in mid-July and mid-December respectively, after the first notification of admission. Late applications are handled in the order they are submitted, and as time permits.

Different admission rounds

The January/August admission round gives you the time you need to pay your tuition fees, apply for and be granted a Swedish residence permit (if required), find housing, etc. before commencing your studies at Uppsala University.

The April/October admission round gives you less time to organise your relocation to Sweden and is only recommended if you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country as you are not required to obtain a Swedish residence permit. If you are a non-EU/EEA student, you will most likely not have enough time to obtain your permit before the start of the semester.

Exchange studies

If you are an exchange student, different application procedures apply. Find out about the courses offered for exchange students and how to apply on the exchange studies page.