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Daniel Nohrstedt is Professor in Political Science at Uppsala University and research coordinator in CNDS. His research interests include the policy process, collaborative governance, policy networks, crisis management, and natural hazards. He is editorial board member for Policy Studies Journal; European Policy Analysis; Risks, Hazards, and Crisis in Public Policy; Oxford UP Encyclopedia of Crisis Analysis; Public Policy series of Palgrave; and Natural Hazards series of Springer.


  • collaborative governance
  • crisis management
  • emergency management
  • learning
  • natural hazards
  • policy networks
  • policy process
  • public policy
  • reform
  • sustainable development



Daniel Nohrstedt received his PhD in Political Science at Uppsala University in 2007. He spent four years (2007-2011) at the Center for Crisis Management Research and Training (CRiSMART) at the Swedish National Defence College in Stockholm. At CRiSMART he held positions as assistant professor of political science, policy analysis coordinator, and acting research coordinator. In 2011 Daniel was visting researcher in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver, USA. He returned in 2011 to the Department of Government.


Daniel studies public administration, public policy, and public management in the context of crisis management and hazards planning with a focus on natural disasters. His current project (funded by the Swedish Research Council FORMAS) seeks to explain variations in collaborative crisis management performance in Swedish municipalities. The project seeks to answer four research questions:
1. How can community resilience to environmental shocks be measured and evaluated?
2. How do long-term processes of collaboration affect performance in short-term processes of emergency response?
3. Under what conditions are collaborative arrangements successful in promoting community resilience?
4. How can conflict resolution and deliberation foster successful collaboration in response to environmental shocks?
A mix of sources are utilized to answer these questions, including survey material, official documents, and interviews. The project involves collaboration with colleagues in other fields and universities in Sweden and abroad. Collaborative crisis management is also the topic of Daniel’s most recent publications.
In another project, Daniel is collaborating with colleagues (Chris Weible, University of Colorado Denver; Karin Ingold, University of Bern; Adam Henry, University of Arizona) on the development of the Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF). His contributions to the ACF include theoretical work, empirical research (applications in nuclear energy policy, intelligence policy, and disaster management policy), and editorial work (guest co-editor for special issues in Policy Studies Journal and Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis).
Daniel’s research covers other topics related to societal security and policy process theory. Some of his published work focuses on nuclear energy policymaking in Sweden (Nohrstedt 2005; 2008; 2010; 2014), policy-oriented learning in the wake of crisis (Nohrstedt and Parker 2014), policy impacts of external shocks (Nohrstedt and Nyberg, under review; Nohrstedt and Weible 2012), ethical aspects of post-crisis inquiries (Nohrstedt 2011), and counter-terrorism policy (Nohrstedt and Hansén 2008).


Daniel teaches courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in political science, including courses on public policy, research methods and design. He is involved regularly as thesis supervisor in the undergraduate and graduate program. As of 2012, Daniel is Director of PhD Studies in the CNDS interdisciplinary research school, which hosts 28 graduate students from three universities (Uppsala, Karlstad, and National Defence College) representing eight different disciplines in the natural and social sciences.


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