Dirk Pacholsky


  • 2 photon microscopy
  • bd
  • bd aria iii
  • beckman coulter
  • becton dickinsson
  • biovis
  • cell sorting
  • confocal microscopy
  • course image j
  • course introduction to image analysis softwares (ias)
  • course methods for cell analysis (mca)
  • cytoflex
  • electron microscopy
  • flow cytometry
  • flow sight
  • fluorescence microscopy
  • huygens
  • ias course
  • image analysis
  • image j
  • imaging flow cytometry
  • imaris
  • intravital microscopy
  • light sheet microscopy
  • lsm 700
  • lsm 710
  • lsr fortessa
  • mca course
  • super resolution microscopy
  • zeiss


This text is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown.

I am heading the BioVis Platform which consists of 4 nodes, namely Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Image Analysis.

BioVis is a platform aimed at research groups who would like to use our instruments independently. Each user will go for a basic introduction course where one learns the background of the technique to be used and hands-on session to handle the instrument. BioVis staff can be contacted for consultations, full service and of course helping out in various questions whilst sitting before the instrument. Contact us!

If you have questions about Light Microscpy, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting and Image Analysis - feel free to contact me.

My backgrounds lies in Cell Biology.



Dr. Dirk Pacholsky : Flow Cytometry & Cell Sorting, Microscopy, head of BioVis

Dr. Matyas Molnar: Superresolution, 2P Microscopy & Lightsheet Microscopy, IMARIS

Dr. Jeremy Adler: Confocal, Fluorescence Live Cell Microscopy, Image J & Huygens, Image Flow Cytometry

Karin Staxäng: Electron Microscopy and EM Lab

Dr. Monika Hodik: Electron Microscopy and EM Lab


I am working for the BioVis Facility since 2009, first as Research Engineer for Microscopy, later FlowCytometry/Cell Sorting was added. Since 2012 am i leading the Facility as a manager. BioVis facility houses high end light microscopes, TEM microscope and FlowCytometry/Cell Sorting equipment. The use of the instruments is usually done by our customer after an introduction to the techniques they want to use. More information can be found on our homepage. http://www.biovis.uu.se/

My background lies in Bioology, Cell Biology, i finished my PhD (Dr. rer. nat) in Muscle Cell Biology in Potsdam, Germany, 2004. Thereafter I worked at the LICR on Rho-GTPases and later (2007) in the IGP in the field of Vascular Biology.

Besides managing the facility am i part of the daily workflow and routine in maintaining the instruments (microscopes and Light microscopes), consulting with customers and teaching.

Dirk Pacholsky