Ulrika Simonsson

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Ulrika Simonsson is a professor in pharmacokinetics, leading her own independent research group focusing on pre-clinical to clinical pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic translation and its relation to drug development.


  • antibiotic resistance
  • artifical intelligence
  • ehealth
  • machine learning
  • modeling and simulation
  • non-linear mixed effects modeling
  • pharmacodynamics
  • pharmacokinetics
  • pharmacometrics
  • therapeutic drug monitoring
  • translational medicine
  • tuberculosis


Prof Simonsson is a professor of pharmacokinetics at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University in Sweden. She holds a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences, is a licensed pharmacist and obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Uppsala University in 2000 focusing on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. She did her post doc work with Pharsight Coperation, CA, USA in 2001-2002 and was on sabbatical leave during 2004-2006 from her faculty position while working as a pharmacometrician at Astrazeneca. In 2010 she became Associate Professor in Pharmacometrics and full Professor in Pharmacokinetics in 2016. In 2004 she received the AstraZeneca’s Young Talented Scientist award, in 2007 AstraZenceca’s Clinical Innovation award and in 2011, a Grant for Promotion to Professor from Uppsala University.

Her expertise is focused on how modelling and simulation of pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) can be used to optimize drug development using pharmacometric techniques. She holds large grants within the field of tuberculosis and is currently working within the large consortia ERA4TB and UNIT4TB. Ulrika is currently the supervisor of four PhD students who are doing research within the field of anti-infective drugs. She has supervised ten students to their PhD, five of these as the main supervisor. Ulrika has acted as international opponent at two doctoral thesis, has published more almost 90 peer-reviewed research articles and is routinely giving pharmacometric training to academia and industry. She is board member of CPTR Regulatory Science Consortium, Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens funded by the Critical Path Institute (C-Path), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the TB Alliance. She has almost 20 years of experience as a pharmacometric external consultant to many drug development companies including regulatory interactions and filing. Her research and consultancy activities have included several different therapeutic areas such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV, thrombosis/cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insomnia, prostate cancer, hypertension, asthma and cortisol insuffiency. She has an extensive hands-on experience in modeling complex PKPD and disease models. She has been the pharmacometric lead on two successful registrations and several Phase III filings.



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Ulrika Simonsson