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  • diabetes nefropati
  • diabetic nephropathy
  • hyaluronan
  • in vitro
  • in vivo
  • kidney
  • matrix
  • njure



Since 2003 Professor of integrative physiology (Uppsala University)

2001-2003 Researcher (Medical Faculty, UU)
1995-2001 Researcher (KA Wallenberg Foundation, 6 yrs)
1994-1995 Senior lecturer (Medical Faculty, UU)
1990-1993 Research Assistant (Medical Research Council, 4yrs)

1990 Associate professor (docent) of physiology (UU)
1988 PhD in physiology (UU)
1983 BSc, Biomedicine (UU)

Post-graduate position, Research Assistant (MRC, 4 years), Researcher (KA Wallenberg Foundation, 6 years), Senior Lecturer, Researcher (Faculty of medicine). Presently: Professor of integrative physiology since June 1, 2003.

POST-DOC: Total 1 year and 6 months
1990-1991 and periodically 1992-96. Guest Researcher at the La Jolla Inst for Experimental Medicine and UC San Diego (AMES-Bioengineering).
1995-1996 Adjunct staff scientist: La Jolla Institute for Experimental Medicine, La Jolla, CA, USA.

124 peer-reviewed publications, 4 book chapters, 5 letters/communications, more than 150 abstracts in the fields of renal physiology, acute renal failure, hypertension, ischemia-reperfusion, angiogenesis, inflammation, diabetes. Studies on kidney, adrenal, mesentery, skeletal muscle, heart, nasal mucosa, pancreatic islets. Mainly animal models but also studies on patients and in vitro. Over 4,400 citations, H-index = 33 (ResearchGate) (Google Scholar H-index = 37).

1) Associate Editor of Acta Physiologica 2017-2018 (JIF=5,2 in 2018).
2) Co-Editor: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Volume 645, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-387-85997-2. Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXX, Springer Verlag. Eds: Liss P, Hansell P, Bruley D, HarrisonD.
3) Guest Editor: Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 2000, Volume 168 (1), pp 21-265. The 4th Acta Physiologica Scandinavica International Symposium on Vasodilators in the development of hypertension: NO and dopamine. Blackwell Science. Eds: Hansell P, Källskog Ö, Persson AEG.

1) Chairman of the prioritising committee “Cardiovascular disease” at the Swedish Medical Research Council (MRC) 2007 (reviewing of grant applications and research positions).
2) Member of the MRC prioritising committee “System Physiology/Pharmacology” (2001-2006).
3) Member of the MRC prioritising committee “Cardiovascular disease” (2013).
4) Member of the Advisory Board of the Swedish MRC (2007).
5) Member of MRC National Planning Group for Clinical and Experimental Kidney Research (1994-1999).
6) Member of the Board of Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala Univ (2011-2017).
7) Member of the Recruitment Committee at the Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala Univ, since 2013. Deputy chairman of the committee 2017-2020 (handling of all senior academic positions at the University and Academic Hospital).
8) Deputy chairman at the Department of Medical Cell Biology since 2008 (ongoing). Department Board member since 2005. Board member at Department of Physiology and Medical Biophysics 1996-2001.
9) Board member of the Scandinavian Physiological Society (since 2016).
10) Representative for Sweden in the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) 2016-2020.
11) Board member of the Faculty committee of Equal Opportunities and Equality 2017-2020.
12) Referee, ad hoc, for the following 23 research journals:
a) Journal of the American Society of Nephrology b) Hypertension c) American Journal of Physiology d) Kidney International e) J of Hypertension f) Science g) Pflugers Arch-European Journal of Physiology h) Life Sciences i) Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation j) Microvascular Research k) J Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System l) J Cardiovascular Pharmacology m) J Pharmaceutical Science n) Acta Physiologica o) Endocrine p) BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology q) Nephron Physiology r) Acta Radiologica s) Endocrine t) Drug and Chemical Toxicology u) Physiological Reports v) Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents in Medicinal Chemistry x) Upsala J Medical Sci
13) Expert Advisor (review grant applications) for a) The Wellcome Trust (1990-1995); b) Canadian Kidney Foundation (1990-1991); c) Estonian Science Foundation (2008) d) Swedish MRC (2001-2007, 2013) e) Kidney Research UK (2016).
14) Faculty opponent (external examiner) at PhD dissertations 5 times: a) Sahlgrenska Academy (Göteborg University: 2000, 2004 and 2012); b) Bergen University, Norway (2005); Lund University (2015).
15) Expert advisor for:
a) Professorships (Molecular medicine at Karolinska Institute 2010 and in Physiology at the Sahlgrenska Academy 2012, Göteborg Univ).
b) Adjunct Professorship (Renal Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy 2016).
c) Associate Professorships (docent: in Physiology, Sahlgrenska Academy (Göteborg University) 2005; in Experimental Medicine, University of Lund, 2007; in Physiology, Karolinska Institute 2011 and 2015).
d) 4 senior lectureships (Linköping University 2006, Sahlgrenska Academy 2009, University of Lund 2010 and 2017).
e) Junior Researcher position (Experimental Nephrology, Karolinska Institute 2008).
16) Member of Faculty of Medicine’s governing group for reorganising medical school 2000-2004 (new program launched 2006).
17) Committe chairman/vice chairman for the Biomedical programme, Uppsala Univ 1998-2004 (new program launched 1999).
18) Consultant for AstraZeneca R&D, Mölndal (2000-2001, 2006).
19) Consultant for Biolipox AB, Uppsala (2004-2005).

20) Board member of the Acta Jubilee Fund (Sweden) and the Foundation for Nordic Physiology (Norway) (since 2019).
21) Member of examination boards at PhD dissertations 23 times (Uppsala, Karolinska Institute, Gothenburg, Lund).
22) Member of the electoral college for the disciplinary domain Medicine and Pharmacy 2013-2016.

23) Member of the Course Classification Committee at Uppsala university (2017-2019).

2009 Leadership course for senior staff at Uppsala university (12 days)
2010 Law in practice (Uppsala uni, 2 days)
2010 Economy for staff (Uppsala uni, 2 days)
2008 Handling of conflicts (Uppsala uni, 1 day)
2006 Equal opportunities (Uppsala uni, ½ day)

1) Co-organizer to the Uppsala Kidney Oxygen Meeting Aug 17-19 2017. About 60 participants worldwide.
2) Co-organizer to the 39th Annual ISOTT Meeting (International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue) at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA, July 24-27, 2011. About 110 participants.
3) Co-organizer to the Scandinavian Physiological Society Annual Meeting in Uppsala, August 14-16, 2009. About 200 participants.
4) Co-organizer to the 35th Annual ISOTT Meeting (International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue) in Uppsala: "Measuring and analyzing oxygen changes - from theoretical models to molecular imaging". Uppsala August 26-30, 2007). About 100 participants from Europe, USA and Japan.
5) General Secretary for the symposium: Vasodilators in the Development of Hypertension: NO and Dopamine, Uppsala June 4-7, 1999 (36 international lecturers, total of 70 participants).

Main supervisor to 4 PhD dissertations, assistant supervisor to 10 PhD dissertations, ongoing assistant supervisor for 1 PhD student. Main supervisor to 11 Master thesis projects, main supervisor to 4 students “5 pts project” (1 point=1 week). Main supervisor to a summer research project (12 pts).

International Society of Nephrology, American Physiological Society, Nordic Society of Physiology, Swedish Society of Kidney Medicine, Uppsala Society for Physicians, The Swedish Society of Medicine, International Society of Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT).

Danish Society of Hypertension (1989), Danish Society of Clinical Physiology (1989). Workshop on Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (Copenhagen 1989), Swedish Physiological Society annual meeting (1988), Swedish Society for Clinical Physiology’s annual meeting (1990), Post-graduate course in renal physiology and pathophysiology in Gothenburg (1998), German Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (2000), 8th International Conference on Peripheral Dopamine Stockholm, Sweden (2002). Symposium on “Maintaining the Milieu Interieur” (Karolinska Institute 2003). Specialist course in Acute and chronic renal failure (Uppsala, yearly since 2009), specialist course in Renal endocrinology (Uppsala, yearly since 2009). International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (ISOTT, Washington 2010), 6th Nordic Connective Tissue Meeting (Uppsala 2011), Scandinavian Physiological Society meeting in Bergen, Norway 2011, Swedish Society of Nephrology (Uppsala 2012), Scandinavian Physiological Society meeting in Helsinki, Finland 2012. Renal Physiology: Old & New, Scandinavian Postgraduate Course in Gothenburg 2016. Renal Meeting in Sandbjerg, Scandinavian Postgraduate Course in Denmark 2018. Furthermore, numerous presentations at international and national research meetings.

Swedish Medical Research Council, Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Foundation, Royal Academy of Sciences, Royal Society of Science, National Board of Health and Welfare, Diabetes Foundation, Wenner-Gren Foundation, Uppsala Medical Faculty, Nordic Insulinfund Committé, Swedish Society for Medical Research, The International Institute for Microcirculation, Söderbergs Foundation, Bergvalls Foundation, Åke Wibergs Foundation, Lars Hiertas Memory Foundation, Emil & Ragna Börjessons Foundation, Helge Ax:son Johnsons Foundation, Royal & Hvitfeld Foundation, Cederbergs Foundation, Sandoz Foundation, Clara Lachmans Fund, Consul Thures Foundation.

Lectures in physiology for students on different educational programmes (basic and masters level) since the mid 1980´s (medicine, biomedicine, nursing, pharmacy, nutritionists). Lecturer for specialist doctors in nephrology and general medicine. Department director for all undergraduate education (1500 students per year), course leader, program committée chairman/deputy chairman, organizer of reform processes for the medical, biomedical and nurses educational programmes resulting in launching of new programmes.
Formal courses:
2006 Course for research supervisors (Faculty of medicine, Uppsala Univ, 1 day)
2005 Tutorship course in problem based learning (Faculty of medicine, Uppsala Univ, 3 days)
1996 Tutorship course for supervisors (Faculty of medicine, Uppsala Univ, 2 days)
1987 Course in pedagogy (teachers at the Faculty of medicine, Uppsala Univ, 1 week)

2017- 2019 Coach/Team leader for boys football team age 13-14y (Upsala IF, P04).
2017- 2020 Nominating committee of Football section in Upsala IF.
1984-1988 Deputy chairman of board for housing cooperation (30 apartments, about 50 tenants).
1998-2000 Lectures for a school class in selected parts of anatomy-physiology (primary school, 1/semester, Bergaskolan, Uppsala).


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