Research at Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology

Research at the department broadly spans the areas of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, tumour biology, comparative genetics, functional genomics, immunology, bacteriology, and virology. The research is essentially basic, but with relevance and application in health and disease in both animals and humans.

Our research areas and research groups

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IMBIM also harbours Uppsala Antibiotic Center (UAC), Uppsala Zoonosis Center (ZSC) and parts of the SciLabLab bioinformatics platform (NBIS).

Biochemistry and Cancer: The research focuses on molecules and mechanisms that regulate cell growth, survival, differentiation, and communication with surrounding tissues regarding health and disease, with a primary focus on cancer. The work extends from fundamental structure-function relationships of protein, nucleic acids, and glycosaminoglycans via cell biology to work based on animal models.

Forskargrupper inom området:

Heldin, Carl-Henrik - Regulation of growth, survival, differentiation and migration of cells
Heldin, Paraskevi - Inflammatory- and tumor-matrix: causes and consequences
Jemth, Per - Protein chemistry
Johansson, Staffan - Adhesinon-dependent cell signaling
Kjellén, Lena - Glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis and functionr
Li, Jin-ping - Pathophysiological roles of heparan sulfate and heparanase in diseases
Moustakas, Aristidis - TGF-β signaling and cancer cell differentiation
Olsson, Anna-Karin - Tumor Vascular Biology
Petzold, Katja - Structural Biophysics of RNA
Pivarcsi, Andor - Non-coding RNAs in stem cell differentiation and carcinogenesis
Puigsubira, Laia Caja
Rubin, Kristofer - Tumor stroma - a target for novel therapy
Tomkinson, Birgitta - Proteolysis

Genetics and Genomics: Comparative genetics, functional genomics, hologenomics and somatic hypermutation address how genetic variation can explain biological patterns in health and disease. Clinical data as well as animal models are used to explore the genetics of traits and diseases. Prediction of risk factors for disease development and future evolutionary events are studied using computational and experimental approaches.

Forskargrupper inom området

Andersson, Leif - Functional genomics and Population genomics
Carlborg, Örjan - Computational genomics: deciphering the genetic basis of complex traits
Amir Fallahshahroudi - Genetic and Neuroendocrine Regulation of Avian Reproduction
Jern, Patric - Evolutionära samspel mellan retrovirus och värdorganismer
Landegren Nils - Retrovirus-Host Evolution
Meadows, Jennifer - Comparative genomics to dissect complex disease
Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin - Comparative genomics
Rosengren Pielberg, Gerli - Comparative and Functional Genetics of Autoimmune Diseases
Rubin, Carl-Johan - Vertebrate genetics and genomics
Wallberg, Andreas - Population genomics and evolutionary genetics
Webster, Matthew - Population genomics
Yousefi Taemeh, Sara

Infection and Immunity: Research in bacteriology concerns how bacteria can adapt to environmental changes, such as the presence of antibiotics, and how bacteria interact with the infected tissue. Within the field of virology, the aim is to understand how viruses can hijack cellular processes, evade antiviral defenses and spread through zoonoses. Work in the immunology area involves the function of mast cells in allergic reactions and other diseases, as well as the role of the lymphatic vasculature and lymph nodes for the induction of immune responses in cancer and aging.

Forskargrupper inom området

Andersson, Dan I - Bacterial evolution, antibiotic resistance and genetics
Guy, Lionel - Evolutionary microbiology, evolution of host-adapted bacteria (Legionellales)
Hallgren Martinsson, Jenny - Mast cells and their progenitors in lung disease
Hugerth, Luisa - Microbiome in health and diseasea
Hughes, Diarmaid - Bacteriology: Genetics and Antibiotics (resistance and development)
Lundkvist, Åke - Zoonoses
Warsi, Omar Mahmud - Antibiotic resistance evolution, and evolution of novel microbial interactions
Näsvall, Joakim - Evolution of new genes in experimental model systems
Pejler, Gunnar - Mast cell biology
Punga, Tanel - virus epigenetics and protein metabolism
Sandegren, Linus - Dynamics of plasmid-borne antibiotic resistanceViral gene regulationReglering av genuttryck hos virus
Sellin, Mikael - Molecular mechanisms of bacterial gut infection
Swedberg, Göte - Evolution of antimicrobial drug resistance
Ulvmar, Maria - Vascular immunology
Wang, Helen - Molecular mechanisms of bacterial plasmid copy number control