Universal Design and Evaluation

15 credits

Syllabus, Master's level, 1MD027

Education cycle
Second cycle
Main field(s) of study and in-depth level
Computer Science A1N, Human-Computer Interaction A1N
Grading system
Fail (U), Pass (3), Pass with credit (4), Pass with distinction (5)
Finalised by
The Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 13 March 2014
Responsible department
Department of Information Technology

Entry requirements

120 credits including 60 credits within science and technology or systems science

Learning outcomes

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with knowledge, aimed at work in practise, about how to design and evaluate technology (especially information technology) from the perspective of impairments and disability.

The requirements for the grade Pass, the student has to be able to:

  • describe the principles that are the basis for inclusive design, universal design and accessibility
  • account for the most common concepts within the area of disability research, and the distinctions that are involved in those concepts
  • analyse an application from the perspective of disability studies, and also apply the tools that are provided during the course
  • evaluate information systems, as well as physical systems and artefacts, from a combined usability and accessibility perspective.


Basic knowledge about impairments and disabilities. Various types of impairments respective disabilities. Standardisation. Accessibility vs. Universal resp. Inclusive Design. Web accessibility. Disability in a social perspective, the perception of self. Technology as a support for the perception of self. Inclusive design of user interfaces. Tools for the analysis of accessibility in user interfaces. Design patterns for accessibility. Usability and accessibility in information systems.


Lectures, project, and individual assignments.


Written and oral in groups presentation of project (10 credits).

Individual assignments (5 credits).

Individual oral examination for higher grades.

Transitional provisions

This course is a replacement for the course 1MD023 Universal Design and Evaluation