Kommande disputationer

  • A1:107A, BMC, Husargatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-20 kl 09:30

    Lomei, Jalal

    Functional characterization of pro-angiogenic neutrophils

  • Häggsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2018-11-21 kl 09:15

    Mattsson, Andreas

    Infrared spectroscopy studies of adsorption and photochemistry on TiO2 surfaces: From single crystals to nanostructured materials

  • Auditorium Minus, Gustavianum, Akademigatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-22 kl 09:15

    Lännerström, Linda

    Sick Leave Questions in Telephone Nursing: Perspectives of Persons on Sick Leave and Registered Nurses in Primary Health Care

  • Fontannes Room, Building Darwin D, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, 43 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918, Villeurbanne, France 2018-11-22 kl 14:00

    Morinay, Jennifer

    Sources of variability in heterospecific social information use for breeding habitat selection: Role of genetics and personality in collared flycatchers

  • Sal IV, Universitetshuset, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-23 kl 09:15

    Nordström, Katarina

    Trängsel i välfärdsstaten: Expertis, politik och rumslig planering i 1960- och 1970-talets Sverige

  • Auditorium Minus, Museum Gustavianum, Akademigatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-23 kl 09:15

    Hellerstedt Börjesson, Susanne

    Taxane-induced pain: Experiences of women with breast cancer and nurses providing their care

  • B42, BMC, Husargatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-23 kl 09:15

    Lundin, Erik

    Evolution of New Genes and Functions

  • 2446, ITC, Lägerhyddsvägen 2, hus 2, Uppsala 2018-11-23 kl 10:15

    Rezaeiravesh, Saleh

    Application of Uncertainty Quantification Techniques to Studies of Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows

  • Sal IX, Universitetshuset, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-23 kl 10:15

    Deglow, Annekatrin

    Forces of Destruction and Construction: Local Conflict Dynamics, Institutional Trust and Postwar Crime

  • A1:111a, Biomedicinskt centrum, Husargatan3, Uppsala 2018-11-23 kl 13:00

    Pettersson, Mona

    COMPETENCE AND COMMUNICATION: Do Not Resuscitate Decisions in Cancer Care

  • Brusewitzsalen, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala 2018-11-23 kl 13:15

    Wejryd, Johan

    On Consumed Democracy: The Expansion of Consumer Choice, Its Causal Effects on Political Engagement, and Its Implications for Democracy

  • Auditorium Minus, Museum Gustavianum, Akademigatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-27 kl 09:15

    Jansson, Caroline

    Experiences of Miscarriage

  • Aulan, entrance 21, Västmanlands Hospital, Västerås, Västerås 2018-11-29 kl 13:00

    Sverrisson, Ingvar

    Rectal cancer: Aspects of post-operative complications

  • Häggsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2018-11-29 kl 13:15

    Luthander, Rasmus

    Self-Consumption of Photovoltaic Electricity in Residential Buildings

  • A1:111a, BMC, Husargatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 09:15

    Nyström, Lina

    Microgels as Carriers for Antimicrobial Peptides: Surface-bound microgels, and factors affecting peptide interactions

  • BMC C2:301, Husargatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 09:15

    Al-Smadi, Derar

    Carboligation using the aldol reaction: A comparison of stereoselectivity and methods

  • Sal IX, Universitetshuset, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 09:15

    Eckerdal, Patricia

    Perinatal Complications: Associations with Postpartum depressive symptoms and Neuroticism

  • Häggsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 09:30

    Basu, Alex

    Ion-Crosslinked Nanocellulose Hydrogels for Advanced Wound Care Applications

  • Hambergsalen, Villavägen 16, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 10:00

    Vachon, Rémi

    Dynamic Modelling of Physical Processes in Magmatic Systems: Dyke Emplacement and Flow-Induced Crystal Rotations

  • the University Main Building, hall IV, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 10:15

    Ohlsson, Johanna

    On the Ethics of External States in Peacebuilding: A Critical Study of Justification

  • Auditorium Minus, Gustavianum, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 13:00

    Moberger, Victor

    The Queerness of Objective Values: An Essay on Mackiean Metaethics and the Arguments from Queerness

  • Aula Gunnesalen, Sjukhusvägen 1, ingång 10, Uppsala, SE 2018-11-30 kl 13:00

    Roodakker, Kenney Roy

    Towards new tools for clinical evaluation and visualization of tumor growth in patients with glioma

  • Polhemsalen, Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2018-11-30 kl 13:15

    Schött, Johan

    Theoretical and Computational Studies of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems: Dynamical Mean Field Theory, X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Analytical Continuation

  • Enghoffsalen, Akademiska Sjukhuset, ingång 50, Uppsala 2018-12-01 kl 09:15

    Niinivirta, Marjut

    Intratumoral Predictive Markers in Metastatic Renal Cancer Patients

  • 2446, ITC, Lägerhyddsvägen 2, Uppsala 2018-12-04 kl 09:15

    Ceballos, Germán

    Understanding Task Parallelism: Providing insight into scheduling, memory, and performance for CPUs and Graphics

  • B42, BMC, Husargatan 3, Uppsala 2018-12-05 kl 13:00

    Talibov, Vladimir O

    Interaction kinetic analysis in drug design, enzymology and protein research

  • Enghoff-salen, Akademiska sjukhuset, ingång 50, bv, Uppsala 2018-12-05 kl 13:00

    Mörtsell, David

    Outcomes and safety of new techniques for pulmonary vein isolation in patients with paroxysmal and persistent atrial fibrillation: A study based on randomised trials and registries

  • Häggsalen, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2018-12-05 kl 13:15

    Frisk Dubsky, Brendan

    Structure and representations of certain classes of infinite-dimensional algebras

  • Hambergsalen, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16, Uppsala 2018-12-06 kl 10:00

    Abril, Claudia

    Seismicity and crustal structure in Iceland

  • Robergssalen, ingång 40, Akademiska Sjukhuset,, Uppsala 2018-12-06 kl 10:00

    Nilsen, Tom

    Avian antibodies applied in particle enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay: Developement of serum/plasma calprotectin immunoassay and its clinical performance as a marker for bacterial infections

  • Hörsal 2 (Lecture Hall 2), Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsgatan 10A, Uppsala 2018-12-06 kl 13:15

    Kong, Lingshuang

    The Modern Journey to the West: Exploring Key Factors Influencing Reverse Knowledge Transfer in Emerging-market Multinationals

  • 2018-12-06 kl 13:15

    Batool, Tahira

    Heparan sulfate dependent cell signaling and associated pathophysiology: Implications in tumorigenesis and embryogenesis

  • Hambergsalen, Geocentrum, Villavägen 16, Uppsala 2018-12-07 kl 09:00

    Mattsson, Tobias

    The dynamic emplacement of felsic magma in the upper crust

  • A1:107A, Uppsala Biomedical Centre, Husargatan 3, Uppsala 2018-12-07 kl 09:15

    Roos, Carl

    Intestinal absorption of drugs: The impact of regional permeability, nanoparticles, and absorption-modifying excipients

  • Universitetshuset, sal X, Uppsala 2018-12-07 kl 10:00

    Kihlberg, Jakob

    Gränslösa anspråk: Offentliga möten och skapandet av det internationella, 1840–1860

  • Rudbecksalen, C11, Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 20, Uppsala 2018-12-07 kl 10:15

    Smith, Ross

    Biological consequences of endothelial cell signaling

  • Sal IV, Universitetshuset, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala 2018-12-07 kl 10:15

    Habib Zeiler, Johannes

    Crafting Lutheran Pastors in Tanzania: Perceptions of Theological Education and Formation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

  • Polhemsalen, Ångströmlaboratiet, Lägerhyddvägen 1, Uppsala 2018-12-14 kl 13:15

    Wang, Shihuai

    Probing Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms of Biomimetic Diiron Complexes with Time-resolved Absorption Spectroscopy