Serdar Temiz

Kort presentation

Research : Open Innovation, Open Data, Business Models, New Product Development. Post Doc in France, Ph.D. at KTH, Doctoral School of EIT Digital, 3 Master Degrees in Sweden, more than 1200 hours of in-class teaching (excluding master thesis seminars and supervision hours). I acted as the main course responsible, only lecturer, co-lecturer, module lecturer at Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. level courses on entreprenurship, marketing, innovation, management, leadership and management control


  • artifical intelligence
  • blockchain
  • business models
  • digital entrepreneurship
  • open data
  • open innovation
  • privacy
  • public innovation


Inventions and technological advancement have created opportunities to develop new businesses and innovation. It has also been changing the way existing companies operate their businesses. Digital technologies enable transformational changes in virtually all industries, including tourism, agriculture, healthcare, energy, and mobility. Yet, in contrast with the rapid technological advances, digital technologies tend to be slowly adopted in various industries since different players resist their adoption for multiple reasons. I am curious to understand how digital technologies can fundamentally transform industries. Which barriers are blocking a rapid transformation, and what kind of ecosystem management and innovation systems we need to foster the transformation? How new products are developed and how business models emerge? Besides, these changes and how to create sustainable, long-term, ethical, and eco-friendly businesses are in the area of my interest. I am also curious in the intersection of sustainability and frugal innovation, which is critical for developing countries