Studies of Language Practices (STOLP)

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Within the research environment Studies of Language Practices (STOLP), the research focus is set on different aspects of language practices children and adolescents participate in, both in and out of school. This includes first and second language development, reading and writing development, the design of reading, writing and literature teaching, and the assignment of Swedish-language teachers. The last years a special focus has been on issues concerning reading and writing practices in different school subjects as well as similarities and differences in language use in these subjects, i.e. disciplinary literacies. These studies are conducted in close collaboration with researchers in mathematics education, science education, and social science education.

Key issues in the research are what it means to become a participant and co-creator of various spoken and written language practices and how the practices are constituted. One central concern is to uncover the norms and values underlying the practices and how they can contribute to the marginalization of certain types of languageing, reading, and writing and thereby to the exclusion/inclusion of different groups of students. The basis for the selection of these issues is the knowledge that early-established patterns of languageing is a very prominent foundation to different types of choices later in life.


Jenny W. Folkeryd


  • Mother Tongue Educatio
  • Reading Development Group (RDG), PIRLS 2021, IEA
  • Nasjonalt senter for skriveoppläring og skriveforskning, Norway

STOLP Seminar

Different types of written or oral texts are studied in a discourse analytical perspective.
Every third Wednesday, 13.15 – 15
Contact: Jenny W. Folkeryd

Group members

Research leader: Jenny Folkeryd
Group members: Jenny Folkeryd, Birgitta Hellqvist, Constanze Ackermann-Boström, Charlotte Lindgren, Maria Håkansson Ramberg, Anne Reath Warren, Linn Areskoug, Maria Rasmusson, Charlotte Engblom, Niklas Norén, Annika Hillbom, Maria Westman, Åsa af Geijerstam, Caroline Liberg, Anna Nordlund, Olle Nordberg, Jörgen Mattlar, Maria Wennerström Wohrne, Fredrika Nyström, Sonia Blomquist, Eva-Lena Stål, Sarah Campbell, Kimberly Norrman, Emma Nilsson-Tysklind, Lena Edander, Helena Skogström, Pia Cederholm, Jonas Johansson