Back to campus this autumn

Uppsala University is resuming on-campus teaching from the beginning of the autumn semester on 30 August. The Public Health Agency of Sweden considers that in-person education is important for knowledge acquisition and for health, in both the short and the long term.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s new general guidelines, which have been in effect since 1 June 2021, no longer call for remote delivery of adult education and enable teaching to be conducted in person, on campus.

Initially, there will be differences between different programmes in the extent to which teaching will be delivered online and how much will take place on campus. This may depend on the subject concerned, the availability of premises or the possibility of maintaining distance.

It is therefore essential that students and staff at Uppsala University continue to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden: get vaccinated, maintain physical distance – where possible, stay home when unwell, practice good hand hygiene and get tested if you have any symptoms.

The University’s campus areas and the University Library will be open as usual from 30 September onwards.

Stay up to date via Uppsala University's COVID-19 information.

If the infection situation changes, the recommendations may change.

Testing of people arriving in Sweden

All people arriving from non-Nordic countries have to be tested for COVID-19 at arrival to facilitate contact tracing and establish contact with the health services in case of illness.

Region Uppsala and Region Gotland offer testing. For further information, see

Information about COVID-19 testing for international students arriving in Uppsala (pdf). Pdf, 238 kB.

Information about COVID-19 testing for international students arriving at Campus Gotland (pdf). Pdf, 378 kB.


Region Uppsala and Region Gotland offer vaccination for students and staff, regardless of their home region and whether or not they have received a first dose. This also applies to international students and staff.

Swedish citizens and other people with a Swedish personal identity number can make an appointment for vaccination via 1177. International students can book a vaccination via the regions’ call centres.

Contact tracing and self-reporting in the event of infection

The University continues to cooperate closely with the Region Uppsala and Region Gotland infection control units. The University also continues to urge everyone with a confirmed COVID-19 infection to use the COVID-19 self-reporting function on the University’s website to facilitate contact tracing.