Nominate for the Prize for internationalisation in medical education

Nominate the teacher or team of teachers at the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University that you believe has made a special effort to increase internationalisation in higher medical education.

Sweden's medical faculties want to reward teachers who have contributed to increasing internationalisation and who, through their teaching, provide a greater global perspective.

Examples of initiatives for increased focus on internationalisation of education:

  • Development of new forms of teaching adapted to an international classroom
  • Promotion of student adaptation to a global labour market
  • Development of courses/programmes with English as teaching language as a part of an international curriculum
  • Establishing virtual mobility and exchange through internationalisation at home
  • Successfully integrating international students in courses and degree programmes
  • Promotion of teachers’ own international experiences as a tool for teaching and improving the quality of the education
  • Initiation of international collaborations and projects
  • Implementation of inter-professional education in international projects, courses and learning activities
  • Promotion of student and staff mobility

The prize is SEK 105,000 and will be awarded five times in 2017–2022.

Nominate your teacher or your team of teachers by 14 March 2022. The nomination period opens 14 February 2022.

Who can you nominate?

As a student, you can nominate a teacher or team of teachers at Uppsala University's Faculty of Medicine.

More information about the nomination

You will find more information about the nomination on the University of Gothenburg's website.