Department of Mathematics

Admitted students can register in Ladok no earlier than two weeks before the start of the course.

Conditionally admitted to courses

In some cases, students who are conditionally admitted to courses in mathematics will be able to register in Ladok. Wait until the week before the starting date of the course. If you are still unable to register when there is less than a week left before the course starts, contact the study counsellors at the Department of Mathematics via email. In the e-mail, enter your name and student ID-number (T-number). In the subject line, enter the course in question (course code and course name).

You can find the course literature (on a separate tab named "Reading list") in the syllabus. Please note that you must select the version that is current at the moment. Under "Versions of the syllabus" it is stated from which date the syllabus applies.

Search course plans

The examination can be written examination, oral examination, different types of assignments and project works or a combination of these. Detailed information about the examination for a specific course is written in the course plan and will also be provided to you by the teacher. For courses with written exam there is a minimum of three exams given in one academic year. Information about when the exams are given for a specific course is to be found under the heading "Exam and retake exam schedules and periods" below. Important to know is that you must register to all written exams, including tests ("dugga"), that takes place in examination hall, also for the course's regular exam. See information about registration below.

If you are re-examining a course, it is important to find out if the content of the course has changed since you read it and what aids are allowed in the exam. You should contact the course coordinator, who you can find in the examination schedule.

For those who have been granted accomodation at written exam or want to get more information about the possibility, there is information on Teknat's student pages about targeted study support.

You can find more information about exams under the following headings further down the page:

  • Exam registration
  • Exam and retake exam schedules and periods
  • Collect your exam
  • Reviewing grades

Registration is mandatory for all written exams that take place in the exam hall, also for the course's regular exam.

How to register

Register for your exams in Ladok, no later than 12 days before the exam. Bring a valid photo-ID to the exam.

Unregister if you are not able to attend the exam

If you have registered for an exam and are unable to attend, it is very important that you unregister from the exam in Ladok.

Each course has at least one exam and at two re-exams. The re-exams are usually scheduled during certain periods. Subject to space, you can retake the exam at a later regular examination occation. If you choose to retake the exam at a later regular examination occation, however, it is not possible to guarantee freedom from conflicts with other parts of the courses you are studying.

Retake exam for old courses

Via the link above you can find information about courses that have ended within the last three semesters and which therefore still have planned re-exams. If you need to retake courses older than that, you are welcome to contact our director of studies to get information on how to proceed.

All exams are scanned, which means that you can pick up your graded exam digitally. Log in with your usual university password into My exams. Exams are available in scanned format for two years. After that, they will be deleted, according to the current regulations. It is possible to collect your exam in paper format (from the student service desk at Ångström) but no later than two months after the exam day.

Paper originals are saved only for two months. It is therefore important to check as soon as possible that all the pages of your exam are scanned.

If there is an obvious mistake in the graded exam, you can ask the teacher to review it. This is regulated by The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), 6 chap. 24 §:

"If an examiner finds that a decision on a grade is obviously incorrect owing to new circumstances or for some other reason, he or she shall change the decision if this can be done quickly and easily and if it does not mean lowering the grade."

Request for review

If you believe that your exam (in a course for which the Department of mathematics is responsible) is incorrectly graded, you should send an email to In the email, you must state which course applies and which task you consider to be wrongly assessed, as well as justify why you think so. You must also attach your corrected exam in pdf format.

Degree project C in mathematics, 15 credits can be read within the Bachelor's Program in Mathematics and within the Upper Secondary School Teacher Education Programme if you are admitted before autumn term 2022. If you have studied mathematics within another programme or as freestanding student and are interested to take the course, there might be possible to be addmitted to later part of the Bachelor's Program in Mathematics.

Here you can find more information on the Degree project C in mathematics, 15 credits 

Degree project D, 15 credits and Degree project E, 30 credits can only be read within the Master's Program in Mathematics. Information about these courses can be found on the program page in Studium.

Completed degree projects

Upcoming degree project presentations

You can find announcements of upcoming degree project presentations in the department's calendar filtered under Education.

At Maths Support, you can get help from an experienced student to solve problems and understand theory on all our courses on basic level**. You can ask questions about everything from the simplest maths to the most difficult problems.

Maths support is provided during weeks 36-50 in the autumn and 4-22 in the spring.

Time of day

Monday-Thursday, 17.15-19.00 hrs.


Ångström Laboratory, room Å2002* and Å2003*.

*During week 45, the maths support is held in rooms Å4003 and Å4004.

**Maths Support is only for courses on basic level. If you need support for an advanced level course do not hesitate to ask your teachers. They want everyone to do well and it is their job to help you.

Rehearsal week

We provide a rehearsal week for the re-examination period in week 32. We have sessions at 10-12 and 13-15 from Monday the 7th to Friday the 11th of August in room Å101130 and Å101132.


Brian Rydgren


The Department of Mathematics has a group that works to promote gender, identity, ethnic, religious, disability and age equality at the department.

The equal opportunities group at the Department of Mathematics

There are countless possibilities for mathematicians in the job market, especially in sectors involved in processing large amounts of information. Mathematicians are therefore sought after in many different organizations.

Visit our career pages for math students on the mathematics department's website.

Study counsellors and Master´s programme coordinator

Contact the Master's programme coordinator or the study counsellors if you have questions regarding course content, registration, study options, student exchange, study breaks, degree and career.

Course administration

The course administrators at the Department of Mathematics Elin Örså as well as course coordinator Mattias Landelius can answer questions regarding registrations, exams, time tables and other matters regarding courses in mathematics.