Zoom is a tool for online, real-time meetings, widely used on many courses at Uppsala University. You can attend lectures and take part in seminar discussions. You could be invited to online workshops, where your class is divided into smaller groups. It is also possible to record a Zoom meeting.

As a student at Uppsala University you get a Zoom account within the University’s Zoom license. This provides a higher level of security and more functions. Students receive the same license as employees and the University pays for the license.

Get your Zoom account well in advance of the start of the course so you have time to try and get acquainted with the tool.

If you previously obtained a Zoom account, registered with your student mail address, you will need to move the account into Uppsala University’s Zoom to get a full license.

Activate Zoom

Log in to Uppsala University’s Zoom to activate your own account there. This will allow you to part in future meetings. It also provides you with the option to start your own meetings that you can invite others to join. Choose Sign in - Configure your account when you activate your Zoom account.

You will be taken to the University’s log-in page for Zoom where you sign in with your university user name and password. Now, your account has been activated!

You also need to download the Zoom desktop client application and install it on your computer. This will allow you start and join meetings more easily, and is a prerequisite for joining so-called breakout rooms during a meeting.

You will get the best functionality if you download the Zoom app to your computer and/or smartphone. Zoom in a browser may result in poorer functionality.

Sign in to Zoom

When joining an e-lecture or e-meeting in Zoom, always make sure you are logged in to Zoom. Even if you join with a web browser. Teachers and meeting hosts often use breakout rooms in Zoom. These breakout rooms can be prepared before the e-lecture or e-meeting and work automatically for the participants who have logged in.

Every time you login in to Zoom, on the web, computer or mobile, remember to klick “Sign in with SSO” (Single Sign On). You will use the university joint weblogin service to log in.

Joining a Zoom meeting

If your teachers make use of Zoom, you will be provided with a link to the meeting room, for example via Studium or by mail.

You should always use a headset with microphone. Never trust your computer’s built-in speakers and microphone: they are likely to produce acoustic feedback, ruining the meeting quality for all participants! You don’t need an expensive headset; a simple one, like the one you use with your mobile phone may work very well.

Click on the link, provided by your teacher. The client should start automatically, and take you to the meeting. If you have not installed the client yet, you can select "Join by browser" in the window which opens as you click the link. However, you will probably not be able to participate in breakout rooms, so it is better to download the program.

Before you join the room, you may be asked to reply to questions about the use of your webcam, and about options for audio. Select "Join with video", and "Join with computer audio". The first thing to do is to check that your audio and video work properly! For this, there are two icons at the bottom left-hand corner.

It is possible to take part in Zoom meetings through your mobile, or from a tablet. If you wish to do that, download the free app for Zoom.

Update the Zoom client

Make sure that you have the latest version by updating the Zoom client.

  1. Start the program Zoom.app on your computer.
  2. Choose Check for Updates in the menu that shows when clicking on your account icon.
  3. If you get the message that an update is available, click Update.
  4. To check the installed version number choose in the same menu Help -> About Zoom.

If you use the Zoom app on your mobile device, you need to make sure that you receive regular updates to the installed software on the device.

Guides and support

If you have questions, please ask IT Support by phone 018-471 44 00 or email itsupport@uu.se.

Zoom’s support pages

Zoom guides in Studium (in Swedish)