Move a Zoom account

If you previously obtained a Zoom account, for instance a free account registered with your student mail address, you will need to move the account into Uppsala University's Zoom space.

Move a Zoom account registered with a student email address

Have you acquired a private Zoom account and used your student mail address? You will then receive an email where the University offers you to move that account into Uppsala University's Zoom licensed account. You will then get a licensed Zoom account without the limitations a free Basic account has.

You can choose to either join Uppsala University's Zoom or enter a private mail address for your private Basic Zoom account. If you choose to keep your Basic Zoom account, please do also get a university Zoom account.

When you get the email: click on Update Account Information and make your choice.

Move a Zoom account registered with a private email address

If you have created a private Zoom account with a private email address, you need to move it to Uppsala University's Zoom. (You can keep your private account, if you like. If so, you need to activate your account with your student address in the University's Zoom.)

1. Sign in to your account in Zoom at

2. At the bottom of the page, click on "Sign Me Out From All Devices".

3. Click in your profile pictures in the top right corner.

4. Log out by clicking on Sign out.

Screenshot of Zoom: sign out from Zoom.

5. Go to Uppsala University's Zoom space and sign in with your username and password A.

6. Move your account by choosing Switch to the new account and confirm the move.

You will now receive an email with a link you need to click on to confirm that you want to move the new account to Uppsala University's Zoom space. Now you can login on all your devices. Choose Sign in with SSO and type the new Zoom address: