Support and services

The University provides a variety of support and services to help you when you need it. This may include study and career counselling, support on reading strategies or language support when writing an essay. Available to all students is also the Student Health Service. Further, if you have a disability, you can get targeted study support.

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Language and reading resources

The University offers different types of language and reading support to you as a student. The Language Workshop offers support on academic writing and oral presentation skills in English and Swedish, as well as academic reading strategies.

Language and reading resources

The Language Workshop

Study strategies

To get the most out of your university education, it is important to develop good study habits.

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The course Guide to Study Strategies is an online non-credit course, where you study independently. The course offers advice on how to plan your studies, note-taking techniques and academic writing, for example.

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University Chaplaincy

The University Chaplaincy is for all students, regardless of faith, and offers individual counselling for those who need to talk to someone. The staff is bound by confidentiality. They also organise various activities such as choirs, lectures and crisis support.