What is a long-term disability?

If you have a disability that may affect your studies, you can get support during your time at Uppsala University. This may include support for reading and writing difficulties/dyslexia, mental disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities or chronic illnesses. To receive support you need to certify your disability.

A disability is, according to the Discrimination Act (SFS 2008: 567), a:

"permanent physical, mental or intellectual limitation of a person’s functional capacity that as a consequence of injury or illness existed at birth, has arisen since then or can be expected to arise."

The type of support you will receive is directly related to your studies and according to your needs. Support is planned in collaboration with you as a student. If you require support, please contact one of Uppsala University's disability coordinators.

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Temporary injury

If you have a temporary injury or illness, you are not covered by this support. If you need support during the period that you are injured or ill you should turn to your department's study counsellor.