Medical Science

Medical science encompasses several subjects that collectively aim to provide knowledge about the structure and function of the human body in health and disease.


Bachelor's level, basic courses

Bachelor's level, continuing courses

Master's level courses

3D Printing and Bioprinting in the Life Sciences, 5 credits Advanced Course in Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, 30 credits Advanced Course in Neuroscience Care, 15 credits Advanced Pathophysiology with Molecular Medicine 1, 7.5 credits Advanced Pathophysiology with Molecular Medicine 2, 7.5 credits Antimicrobials, Resistance, Epidemiology and Evolution, 15 credits Bioimaging and Cell Analysis, 7.5 credits Bioinformatics, 15 credits Biomarkers, Discovery and Validation, 7.5 credits Cardiovascular Psychology, 7.5 credits Cell and Tumour Biology, 7.5 credits Clinical Drug Development, 30 credits Clinical Mass Spectrometry, 7.5 credits Co-Design of Digital Health Innovations, 7.5 credits Comparative Genomics for Biomedicine, 15 credits Diabetes Care I, 7.5 credits Digital Psychology in Theory and Practice, 7.5 credits Flow Cytometry in Clinic and Research, 7.5 credits Genomic and Epigenomic Medicine, 15 credits Health Innovation: An Interdisciplinary Approach, 7.5 credits Immune, Gene and Cell Therapy, 7.5 credits Innovation Game: A Summer School Applying Serious Game Design in Health Care and Education, 5 credits Laboratory Project in Medical Cell Biology, 15 credits Medical Cell Biology, 30 credits Medical Genetics, 7.5 credits Medical Genetics and Cancer: Molecular Mechanisms, 15 credits Microbiology and Immunology, 30 credits Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer, 7.5 credits Molecular Neurodegeneration, 7.5 credits Molecular Tools for Proteome Analysis and Diagnostics, 7.5 credits Oncology Nursing and Oncology I, 7.5 credits Oncology Nursing and Oncology II, 7.5 credits Pain and Pain Management: A Multiprofessional Approach, 15 credits Palliative Care, 7.5 credits Parasitology, Mycology and Clinical Infection Biology, 15 credits Postgraduate Course in Anaesthesia for Nurse Anaesthetists, 15 credits Postgraduate Course in Intensive Care Medicine, 15 credits Preparation for Research with Focus on New Drug Targets, 15 credits Project Work in Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, 15 credits Psychoneuroendocrinology: Women's Mental Health, 7.5 credits Psychosocial Cancer Care, 7.5 credits Regenerative Medicine, 7.5 credits The Organisation and Management of Swedish Health Care, 7.5 credits Translational Medicine, 15 credits