Inclusion support within Erasmus+

If you have a disability or one or several children, you can apply for inclusion support to cover additional costs that exchange studies or a traineeship abroad may result in.

Students with permanent or long-term disabilities, including disabilities caused by physical or mental illness, are entitled to a special inclusion supplement of EUR 250 per month. To obtain this top-up you need to indicate it in the application form for your Erasmus+ exchange or traineeship.

You will need to provide a certificate issued by a coordinator for pedagogical support at the university or by a licensed doctor or psychologist. Such certificates are considered sensitive information and will be handled accordingly.

If you have children, regardless if they will accompany you during your Erasmus+ exchange or traineeship, you can receive a top-up grant of EUR 250 per month (regardless of the number of children). State this directly in your application form for your Erasmus+ exchange or traineeship in MoveON and upload the family certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency that confirms that you are a guardian of the child/children. The certificate must indicate your and your child(ren)'s names and your relationship to each other.

If you have extra costs that exceed the inclusion support top-up, you can apply for inclusion support for actual costs. The application for inclusion support for actual costs must be justified by the applicant and approved by the Swedish Council of Higher Education (UHR).

Eligibility requirements

  • The value of your actual additional costs must exceed the monthly value of the inclusion support for students with children and/or disabilities that you have already been granted
  • If you have already been granted an additional top-up grant, you can also be granted inclusion support for actual costs linked to a different category of obstacles.
  • The application is examined on a case-to-case basis and needs to be approved by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.
  • If you want to apply for actual costs for pedagogical support, you can do so only if the pedagogical support is not already offered for free at the host organisation.

Examples of additional costs that can be covered by inclusion support

  • Costs for bringing support equipment/aid
  • Costs for adjusted accommodation
  • Costs for psychological treatments
  • Costs for childcare (only if you are bringing your child or children on the exchange/traineeship)
  • Costs for making an essential preparatory visit
  • Costs for an accompanying person


If you are eligible for the additional support for inclusion, please ensure you start your application well in advance before your studies or traineeship abroad starts. Instructions on how to apply can be found in our application guide.

To the application guide for application for inclusion support.


Do you need help with your application? Please contact the Erasmus team at If you contact us via email, leave out any information that could be considered sensitive personal data regarding your case.