Department of Medical Sciences

The department of Medical Sciences is responsible for first cycle and second cycle courses on several programmes at the Faculty of Medicine as well as some freestanding courses.

Students who have been admitted to a course or programme

For those of you who have been admitted to a course or programme, it is important to accept your admission on and activate your student account.

More information on your course can be found in the the course catalogue.

If you have been placed on a waiting list

If you are a waiting list applicant for a course or programme, you will be contacted by the Department via e-mail when it is possible to offer you a place. Please note that you also have to accept your admission to the waiting list on Admissions for waiting list applicants normally continue until the start date of the course. As a waiting list applicant it is your responsibility to regularly check the email address you submitted on Please also check your spam folder! If you are offered a place, you normally need to reply within a day or two but this can vary between courses. For more information about admissions from a waiting list, please contact the contact person for a specific course.

Degree programmes

Freestanding courses

The department is responsible for some freestanding courses. If you have been admitted to one of our freestanding courses, you need to accept your admission to keep your place.

If you have been admitted conditionally, you need to contact the Department as soon as possible to prove that you fulfil the admission requirements in order to keep your place on course. If you do not provide the information before the course start, it will be impossible to be registered. You can find the contact details for freestanding courses in the course catalogue.

Our freestanding courses:


For more general educational issues, please contact the course co-ordinator Caroline Olofsson