Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical science includes several different courses but all have a strong focus on medical drugs. The courses are aimed at those who want to learn more about the drug's mechanisms of action, effects and toxic effects. There are also courses on how the human body and cells function, how drugs are transported to their place of action, how they are metabolised and eliminated, and on risk assessment and safety evaluation of drugs.

At the advanced level, the courses are more specialised, more research-oriented and vocational. For example, courses are offered on how new drugs are tested, how drugs work in the elderly and pregnant, how addictions arise, about veterinary drugs, and methodological courses on molecular receptor and enzyme processes and on biostatistic models for drug development.

More courses within the pharmaceutical field can be found under Drug Management and Drug Discovery and Development.


Bachelor's level, basic courses

Bachelor's level, continuing courses

Master's level courses

Advanced Drug Delivery, 7.5 credits Advanced Medication Communication: Theory and Practice, 7.5 credits Advanced Organic Chemistry and Drug Synthesis, 15 credits Advanced Pharmacotherapy, 7.5 credits Applied Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 7.5 credits Applied Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, 5 credits Applied Pharmaceutical Structural Bioinformatics, 5 credits Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery, 7.5 credits Biochemistry of Gene Regulation, 7.5 credits Biologicals, 7.5 credits Biologicals I, 7.5 credits Cell and Tumour Biology, 7.5 credits Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, 7.5 credits Clinical Pharmacy, 7.5 credits Clinical Trial Methodology, 7.5 credits Computational Pharmaceutics, 7.5 credits Degree Project in Pharmacotherapy, 30 credits Drug Discovery and Development, 7.5 credits Drug Discovery Based on Natural Products, 7.5 credits Drug Formulation and Drug Delivery, 7.5 credits Drug Utilisation Research, 7.5 credits Drugs and Dependence, 7.5 credits Drugs and the Elderly, 7.5 credits Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation, 7.5 credits Drugs in the Environment, 7.5 credits Global Pharmacy, 7.5 credits Introduction to Nanomedicine, 7.5 credits Laboratory Automation in Life Sciences, 7.5 credits Models for Biological Systems, 7.5 credits Molecular Biopharmaceutics, 7.5 credits Molecular Imaging with Focus on PET, 7.5 credits Molecular Mechanisms for Enzymatic Activation, 7.5 credits Molecular Physical Pharmacy, 7.5 credits Neuropharmacology, 7.5 credits Patient-Centred Drug Delivery, 7.5 credits Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, 7.5 credits Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics with Sequence Analysis, 7.5 credits Pharmaceutical Protein Drug Development, 7.5 credits Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Biological Drugs, 7.5 credits Preclinical and Clinical Data Analysis in Predictive Drug Discovery/Development, 7.5 credits Preclinical Safety Assessment and Pharmacovigilance, 7.5 credits Proteomics for Drug Discovery, 7.5 credits Regulatory Requirements and Quality Assurance in Development and Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products, 7.5 credits Research Methods in Pharmacognosy, 30 credits